The Phoenix Principle - Ways to New Motivation and Excellence in Leadership

The book is led by a protagonist, his name is Jürg and he is 48 years old, a manager, works hard, shows commitment - and yet his career stalls. He is passed over for promotions, his employees consider his leadership principles outdated and he is criticized again and again. He is under pressure, increasingly his body is on strike, his private life is suffering, and he knows it cannot go on like this.

Does this situation sound familiar to you?

As a manager, do you want to ...

... achieve greater impact?
… be respected and appreciated by your employees for your behaviour?..
… achieve better results?..
… enjoy being the boss more again?
...motivate and inspire your employees, in other words, be excellent?

The Phoenix Principle - a holistic leadership model

Excellence in leadership means being an authentic leader who acts in accordance with their values, convictions and beliefs. The Phoenix Principle shows you ways to develop your authentic leadership style by aligning outward action with your inner control system - that is, your reference experiences, beliefs, values and mental and emotional state.

Concrete guidance on excellence in leadership

The Phoenix Model shows you how to review and specifically improve your impact as a leader in order to take a further step towards excellence in leadership. The path to excellence is described in the book as a process in five steps:

Step 1: The authentic leadership model

Get to know the procedure with which you develop your personal authentic leadership model.

Step 2: Assessment of own leadership behavior

Take an assessment to analyze your current leadership behavior in detail.

Step 3: Choice of development fields

Select a suitable field of development from the analysis of your current leadership behavior.

Step 4: Adjustment of the internal control system

Learn the method of neuro-associative conditioning to change your values and beliefs so that they are in line with your authentic leadership style.

Step 5: Anchoring new habits

Systematically go through your habits to adapt them where necessary and develop new habits and anchor them over time.

Jürg has managed to sustainably improve his leadership behaviors with the Phoenix Principle. He feels the positive effects on his professional and private environment. Superiors, colleagues and peers say about Jürg that he is authentic, competent, inspiring and future-oriented. This is how Jürg imagined his career - you too?

The Phoenix Principle - Ways to New Motivation and Excellence in Leadership

Author: Patrick Freudiger
Publisher: Wiley-VCH; 1st Edition (August 11, 2021)
Language: German
Hardcover edition: 320 pages
ISBN-10: 3527510559
ISBN-13: 978-3527510559
Price: CHF 31.90

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About the author Patrick Freudiger

Patrick Freudiger knows the pleasures and hardships of being a leader from his own experience.After more than 25 years in leadership positions, he developed the Phoenix Principle with the aim of helping people to eliminate one of the most widespread "career killers" - also for the benefit of the employees they lead.

Patrick Freudiger, after building up and managing two consulting firms, was successfully active as a CIO in Switzerland. In 2016, he was named "Swiss CIO of the Year". He now shares his profound expertise and many years of experience in this book. Today, Patrick Freudiger works as a coach for sustainable development of leaders, teams and organizations. His goal is to show that leadership is a valuable task that can go hand in hand with great professional fulfillment.