Our mission: We do coaching for courageous leaders. For those who really want to move forward, who are ready for change and who have stopped always holding that you the others are the problem. For those for whom willingness to learn and grow is an attractive value that they are willing to actively live.

What we believe in:

We believe

  • in excellence, in everything we do and everything we stand for.
  • that sustainable change is possible through personal development and lifelong learning.
  • that reflection is the key to change.
  • in courage, humility and gratitude.
  • in responsibility to ourselves and to those we lead.
  • in measurable change.
  • in the effectiveness of behavior-based change.
  • in doing.
  • about letting go and trying new things.
  • in "coaching on the job".
  • in our methods.

What we don't believe in:

We do not believe in

  • mediocrity.
  • theoretically sophisticated solution concepts.
  • resolutions.
  • holding on and talking for a long time about what doesn't work.
  • one-off actions that feel euphoric in the first moment and are already a thing of the past the next day.

The coaches