Effective coaching that leads you to success

In senior management, it is not so much the professional competences that are decisive for the success of a leader, but more the behavioral competences. Every leader has strengths and behaviors in his or her behavior that have potential for improvement.

The key to more success as a leader lies in your leadership behavior. Our executive coaching is suitable for every leader, regardless of where you are in your development. The only and mandatory requirement is that you are ready and feel the need to develop yourself.

  • You overcome the No. 1 career killer (poor leadership behavior) and give your career a new boost.
  • As a leader, you develop self-confidence, sovereignty and leadership presence and thus gain authenticity.
  • Beyond the professional benefits, all your other relationships also gain in quality.

  • you want to make the next career leap.
  • you want to develop as a leader.
  • you have lost the fun of leading.
  • you want to become even more successful as a successful manager.
  • you want to get to know your strengths and your limits better.
  • you want to become confident in your appearance and actions.
  • you want to learn how to inspire and enthuse your team.
  • responsibility puts too much pressure on you.
  • changes trigger fears in you.
  • making decisions triggers a feeling of being overwhelmed.
  • you find that working together costs you effort.
  • you feel like you are constantly fighting against the wind.
  • you lack clarity and have the feeling of being stuck in a dead end.

Pronounced efficiency: Coaching requires little valuable "extra time" from already busy executives. The coaching and development process is integrated into the leadership role "on-the-job".

High effectiveness: The coached employees are actively involved in the coaching process as impulse givers for the entire duration. This significantly increases the effectiveness of the change measures introduced.

Great sustainability: A lasting change in behavior and new habits do not develop overnight. We therefore rely less on one-off coaching sessions and more on 6-12 months of executive coaching to achieve a lasting effect.

Measurability of improvement: Many leadership development coaching programs are usually strongly focused on (intellectual) learning. Our coaching focuses on behavioral practice. In the end, only the leadership growth achieved counts, i.e. increased effectiveness in leadership behavior and how this is perceived by stakeholders (direct reports, peers and superiors).

Performance-based fee: For 12-month coaching engagements, a performance-based component is offered, which is dependent on measurable leadership growth from the perspective of the stakeholders surveyed (direct reports, peers, supervisors). In the last month of the coaching engagement, a so-called "Leadership Growth Progress Review" is conducted, which measures the development in leadership behavior.

Procedure of the Freudiger Executive Coaching

The coaching process is very structured. The concrete design of the coaching is individually tailored to the needs of the executive and the organization. We will be happy to provide you with detailed information. Please contact us for more information.

Origin of Freudiger Executive Coaching

Freudiger Executive Coaching is based on the Stakeholder Centered Coaching method developed by Marshall Goldsmith. This method has received several awards (Thinkers50 Award, Financial Times for Leadership) and is considered the most effective approach to improving leadership behavior worldwide. We complement the approach of the Stakeholder Centered Coaching Method with the approach of our Phoenix Principle for Excellence in Leadership. The Phoenix Model incorporates theoretical and practical knowledge from more than 60 years of leadership research, Patrick Freudiger's personal experience and the essence of more than 100 interviews with executives from different industries.

You are courageous and want to develop yourself further? Then give us a call.