# getting better every day

My life has always been characterized by the need to develop and learn new things. Thus, following my studies in business administration and computer science, I worked for several years as a research assistant at the Institute for Marketing and Strategic Corporate Management at the University of Bern. I spent half a decade there studying the theories and concepts in these two fields of business administration. My experiences from this time form the theoretical foundation for my career in management consulting.

During this activity, the desire grew to become an entrepreneur myself and to experience myself in this role. I successfully built up two consulting firms, operated as a manager in my own companies and worked as a consultant for my clients.

Learning from your own experience

The third important stage in my professional life was my work as CIO and member of the Executive Board of a large Swiss company, AMAG Automobil- und Motoren AG. All the recipes I had passed on during my work as a consultant I now applied myself as CIO. In this role, I implemented various change processes and in 2016 received the "Swiss CIO of the Year 2016" award for my work.

The change of perspective from entrepreneur to employed manager of a large company was an extremely important learning experience in my professional life. My insights from that time still strongly influence the work with my coaching clients today, as I know the role and the related challenges of my coaching clients from my own experience. This wealth of experience makes me grateful.

In 2018, I founded the consulting firm Admomentum AG with a focus on making my experience as a consultant and CIO available to other CIOs in a sparring format.

In 2019, I founded the coaching company In all the years as a consultant and as a manager, one realization has run like a red thread through my work with clients: No matter what the professional focus of the counselling, in the end it is always the human being who is in the middle of the challenge of a change process. I realized more and more that the successful implementation of strategies was no longer about technical know-how, but about the behavioral competence of the managers. This realization prompted me to offer the necessary support to managers in the development of their leadership behavior, so that they are also able to effectively live and implement the targeted strategies and developed visions of organizations.

Leadership as a success factor

Today I know how decisive leadership behavior is for the personal success of a leader, his team and the organization.

As a certified coach for executives, together with my team I support executives in developing their leadership behavior. We are convinced of the meaningfulness and positive impact of our coaching. We strive for excellence in our work with joy and commitment in order to offer our coaching clients the best possible support and accompaniment on their individual path to excellence in leadership.

The Phoenix Principle

In 2021, my book “The Phoenix Principle” was published, in which I set out my understanding of excellence in leadership in a model. I have known the joys and sorrows of leadership from my own experience for more than 25 years. From this wealth of experience and based on conversations with more than 100 top leaders and from the findings of the last 60 years of leadership research, I have written the book and I have realized my wish to provide managers with a practical guide on how they can check the impact of their leadership behavior and improve it in a targeted way.

  • Founder and owner
  • Owner and Senior Partner, Admomentum AG
  • CIO and Member of the Group Executive Board of AMAG Automobil- und Motoren AG
  • Managing Director, Valion Management Holding
  • Senior Partner, Co-owner and Chairman of the Board, Valion AG
  • Founder and co-owner, Impact AG
  • Research Associate, Institute for Marketing and Strategic Corporate Management, University of Bern

  • Successful coaching of managers
  • Coaching on how to deal successfully with committees and stakeholders (board of directors, shareholders)
  • Coaching dysfunctional leadership teams
  • Coaching to build a top performance team
  • Team coaching to develop a culture of high performance and cooperation
  • Team coaching with a focus on "dealing with digital change”

Experience as a strategy and organization consultant

  • Accompanying various C-level managers with reflective lateral thinking
  • Actively challenging strategies and development plans
  • Design and build vision-led, innovative businesses
  • Designing corporate mission statements as a clear orientation framework
  • Development of a customer- and innovation-oriented corporate culture
  • Development of strategies at different organizational levels (overall company and business strategies) in different companies and sectors
  • Design and implementation of growth and cost reduction initiatives incl. associated transformation management measures

  • Support and advice on the introduction of new technologies
  • Development of IT and digital strategies
  • Introduction of agile organizational models (SAFe)
  • Design and implementation of IT organizations (organizational anchoring of the "bi-modal" approach, use of agile forms of development, optimization of the interface between business and IT)
  • Transformation of IT application landscapes from on premises to the cloud (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS)
  • Establishment of IT service and target operating models
  • Maturity assessment of organizations in the context of digital transformation
  • Identifying the automation and digitalization potential of different business models

  • Master of Science in Business Administration, University of Bern
  • Master of Science in Computer Science, University of Bern
  • Certified Executive Coach, Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching
  • Certified Practitioner of the Global Leadership Assessment, Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching
  • Certified Team Coach, Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching
  • Certified GLA Coach, Global Coach Group
  • Certified Global Team Coach, Global Coach Group
  • Certified Global Leadership Coach, Global Coach Group
  • Certified Board of Directors, ZfU International Business School

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