Coaching that successfully brings together and sustainably improves teamwork

True teamwork is a sustainable competitive advantage. In our work, we repeatedly encounter leadership teams that do not work together constructively and do not realize their potential as a team. There is a lack of trust and an effective culture of cooperation. Team members pursue their individual issues and objectives are not clearly communicated. This results in isolated perspectives that prevent success and effectiveness.

How do you, as a leader, inspire courage and commitment in your staff? Coaching that successfully brings people together and improves teamwork in the long term is an effective means of successfully aligning teams for the future.

  • Mutual trust
  • A constructive culture of discussion
  • Zero-bullshit culture: The team develops a binding culture of cooperation and effective communication that is valid for all.
  • Qualitatively better work results
  • Fun and identification with the organization
  • A common understanding of leadership (authentic leadership style of the team)

  • the team shows characteristics of ineffectiveness and dysfunctionality.
  • there is a climate of fear and mistrust in the team.
  • the team is already functioning well and the quality of the cooperation should be consolidated (prophylaxis).
  • the team wants to grow beyond itself.

The concrete design of the coaching is individually tailored to the needs of the team and the organization. In order to achieve maximum impact, the coaching process is designed for 12 months. In principle, there is also the possibility of a 6- or 9-month coaching. We would be happy to provide you with detailed information on this. Please contact us for more information.

Origin of Freudiger Team Coaching

Freudiger Executive Coaching is based on the Stakeholder Centered Coaching method developed by Marshall Goldsmith. This method has received several awards (Thinkers50 Award, Financial Times for Leadership) and is considered the most effective approach to improving leadership behavior worldwide. We complement the approach of the Stakeholder Centered Coaching Method with the approach of our Phoenix Principle for Excellence in Leadership. The Phoenix Model incorporates theoretical and practical knowledge from more than 60 years of leadership research, the personal experiences of Patrick Freudiger and the essence of more than 100 interviews with executives from different industries.

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