Inspiring keynotes

You want to give your organization an inspiring input and are planning an event for the management, for employees and/or customers and would like to tune your target audience into one of the following topics:

The basic idea of excellence in leadership is based on an internalized attitude that describes the readiness for lifelong learning. It is about being ready to be challenged and to be challenged again and again. Rigid and restrictive structures, both in the organization and in one's own behavior and mindset, need to be questioned. Often, we don't even realize that the "old" has had its day and unnecessarily hold on to it because we believe we can find security in the "old". It is openness and courage to go new ways that lead us to excellence.

How do you lead in a world that is strongly characterized by complexity and rapid change? What do digitalization and globalization mean for leaders? One thing is clear: high professional competence is no longer enough to do justice to today's leadership tasks. Successful leadership in the 21st century means modular leadership. In order to implement this, the focus is on the behavior of the leader as a decisive factor for success.

What are the habits of a good boss and what are those of a bad one? Is it still allowed to use the word "bad" today? We use it consciously. Because the word "bad" expresses that nothing good comes out of it. And that is the aspect we want to emphasize. In the cadre of organizations, unfortunately, there are many bad habits that make bosses "bad" bosses, although they would have the potential to be "good" bosses.

A leader is only as good as his or her team, and the team can only perform at its best if it has the full backing of its boss. What is easy to say is demanding to implement. A team is a complex and dynamic structure. Insights and understanding of how a team works as well as the right leadership tools are what make a high-performance team possible.

We offer two exciting formats to enhance your event:

  1. The keynote: Intended as the main speech or central presentation, it is the highlight or centerpiece of your event. It will captivate the audience and convey your core message in an impressive way.
  2. The keynote presentation: This short and concise speech aims to get your audience thinking or to convey a specific idea quickly and effectively. It is the perfect way to bring energy and inspiration to your event.

Tailored for you: Keynotes and keynote speeches are always tailored in close consultation with you to the specific situation and the central message you want to convey. This is how we guarantee an optimal impact on your target audience.

Contact us:  Let's talk about how we can enhance your event with our unique presentations. We look forward to working with you to create something special!