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Success means


Success means


Success means


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Our mission: We do coaching for courageous leaders

For leaders,

  • who want to move forward,
  • who are ready for change,
  • who understand that they are 100% responsible for their actions,
  • who are open to reflecting on their existing successes,
  • for whom personal growth is an attractive value that they actively live,
  • who strive for excellence in their behavior.

What is the most common cause when a career stalls despite excellent professional competence?

What is the most common reason why employees quit their jobs?

And what is the most frequently cited cause when a team achieves extraordinary things?

The one answer to all these questions is: the behavior of the leader.

I and my team are the experts in sustainably improving the behavior of Leaders and their teams.

Courage in our coaching approach means:

  • that you as a leader disclose your areas of development to your stakeholders - especially your direct reports and peers.
  • that you are ready to actively involve employees in your coaching process.
  • that you are willing to ask for feedback on your behavioral progress from your staff on a regular basis.

We are convinced of what we do. That is why we take the approach that we want to be paid exclusively for successful results. This means that all our engagements are offered at a fixed price with a performance-based fee component depending on the duration.

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We do coaching for the brave.

Patrick Freudiger

Leadership as a success factor