Effective coaching that leads you to success

In senior management, it is not so much the professional competences that are decisive for the success of a leader, but more the behavioral competences. Every leader has strengths and behaviors in his or her behavior that have potential for improvement.

The key to more success as a leader lies in your leadership behavior. Our executive coaching is suitable for every leader, regardless of where you are in your development. The only and mandatory requirement is that you are ready and feel the need to develop yourself.

From these points, we identify your need for action and work in a targeted manner to strengthen these virtues in your leadership behavior.

Our Be Best! Executive Coaching is suitable for every executive, regardless of where you are in your development. The only and mandatory requirement is that you are ready and feel the need to develop yourself further.

  • You overcome the No. 1 career killer (poor leadership behavior) and give your career a new boost.
  • As a leader, you develop self-confidence, sovereignty and leadership presence and thus gain authenticity.
  • Beyond the professional benefits, all your other relationships also gain in quality.

  • you want to make the next career leap.
  • you want to develop as a leader.
  • you have lost the fun of leading.
  • you want to become even more successful as a successful manager.
  • you want to get to know your strengths and your limits better.
  • you want to become confident in your appearance and actions.
  • you want to learn how to inspire and enthuse your team.
  • responsibility puts too much pressure on you.
  • changes trigger fears in you.
  • making decisions triggers a feeling of being overwhelmed.
  • you find that working together costs you effort.
  • you feel like you are constantly fighting against the wind.
  • you lack clarity and have the feeling of being stuck in a dead end.

Pronounced efficiency: Coaching requires little valuable "extra time" from already busy executives. The coaching and development process is integrated into the leadership role "on-the-job".

High effectiveness: The coached employees are actively involved in the coaching process as impulse givers for the entire duration. This significantly increases the effectiveness of the change measures introduced.

Great sustainability: A lasting change in behavior and new habits do not develop overnight. We therefore rely less on one-off coaching sessions and more on 6-12 months of executive coaching to achieve a lasting effect.

Measurability of improvement: Many leadership development coaching programs are usually strongly focused on (intellectual) learning. Our coaching focuses on behavioral practice. In the end, only the leadership growth achieved counts, i.e. increased effectiveness in leadership behavior and how this is perceived by stakeholders (direct reports, peers and superiors).

Performance-based fee: For 12-month coaching engagements, a performance-based component is offered, which is dependent on measurable leadership growth from the perspective of the stakeholders surveyed (direct reports, peers, supervisors). In the last month of the coaching engagement, a so-called "Leadership Growth Progress Review" is conducted, which measures the development in leadership behavior.

Procedure of the Freudiger Executive Coaching

The coaching process is very structured. The concrete design of the coaching is individually tailored to the needs of the executive and the organization. We will be happy to provide you with detailed information. Please contact us for more information.

The 5 steps to leadership excellence

As experienced leadership coaches, our main goal is to provide you with the best possible path to leadership excellence. But before we embark on this exciting journey together, it is important to clarify whether our methods and the BeBest! approach are the right path for you. After all, a successful coaching relationship is always a mutual match.

Reflectiveness: The key to success
One of the decisive factors for successful coaching is the ability to self-reflect. If you don't question yourself, you will have a hard time improving your leadership skills and benefiting from the insights of the BeBest! approach.

The willingness to change
Another important aspect is the willingness to work on oneself. Leadership is a continuous journey of self-improvement and learning. Are you open to change and willing to put in the necessary work?

Do we find each other?
The final piece of the puzzle is personal chemistry. Only when you feel comfortable and trusting in coaching with us can maximum results be achieved. Discretion and confidentiality are of the utmost importance. All coaching sessions are handled with the strictest confidentiality.

If you have the ability to self-reflect and the willingness and discipline to work on yourself, chances are you are the ideal candidate for coaching using the BeBest! approach. Let's find out together if we are the perfect match to make your leadership journey a hero's journey!

Start your journey with the BeBest! concept by becoming aware of where you are on the leadership map. Our 360-degree leadership assessment offers you valuable insights into the perception of your leadership behavior from the perspective of various stakeholders (employees, colleagues at the same management level, superiors) and thus enables you to conduct a comprehensive self-assessment. In further in-depth interviews, we then explore your behavior as a leader in greater depth, in order to take the next step together.

This is followed by the targeted selection of topics on which we will work together in the future. The topics are selected based on your behavior and habits. An initial assessment shows where the greatest development potential lies and where we need to start with the help of BeBest! to help you help yourself.

The journey to leadership excellence using the BeBest! concept is an iterative process. Involving your stakeholders (employees, colleagues at the same leadership level, superiors) plays a central role in this process. We support you in becoming a more effective leader by coaching you in a structured process that repeats monthly - until your new leadership habits are second nature. To effectively grow as a leader, stakeholders are involved in the coaching process. After all, they ultimately need to feel your optimized leadership behaviors in their everyday lives. Disciplined persistence over several months guarantees excellent results.

To make it clear whether your further development is bearing fruit and making a real difference to your leadership behavior, we undertake a periodic review - the so-called Leadership Growth Progress Review. This is about actively measuring progress and success as perceived by stakeholders. We believe strongly in our work and take pride in making it measurable. In our twelve-month BeBest! Coaching Program, we are happy to work on a performance-based fee basis to remove any risk from your shoulders.

The coaching is concluded when the agreed goals have been achieved or when the coachee has made the desired progress. We discuss strategies for long-term sustainability. You will be trained in the use of the coaching methodology, with the goal that you yourself will be able to successfully coach your employees. If appropriate, follow-up sessions will be scheduled to ensure that the development remains successful over the long term.

Are you ready to become the best version of yourself? Then contact us!